Zirconium Sheet for Damascus Manufacturer

Mississippi-based Nichols Damascus is in the business of “making metal pretty.” Damascus and mokume treatments create specialty metal laminates with distinct patterns used on consumer goods. Damascus metals are very popular in particular markets, and their demand is at an all-time high.

Owner Chad Nichols has purchased zirconium sheet from United Titanium for more than a year and a half.

“A friend turned me on to them, and I’ve bought my zirconium from United Titanium ever since.” Nichols said.

As the owner of a company, Nichols has a lot of responsibilities. He appreciates being able to check things off his to-do list throughout the day.

“I know when I order zirconium sheet, it will show up in less than a week’s time,” Nichols continued. “I never have to worry about my zirconium shipments and that means a lot in my position.”

After Nichols Damascus receives the zirconium sheet from United Titanium, they put it through a heating process that results in a dark patterned look that almost resembles wood grain.

“Our customers are always coming up with new ways to use our laminates,” Nichols said. “From guns and knife blades to motorcycle parts and even fidget spinners, it’s amazing the things they use our materials for.”

Damascus buyers are a passionate group with an eye for quality. They often make the finished products themselves and keep them or sell them to other enthusiasts.

“It’s important that the zirconium we use is top of the line and always available,” Nichols explained. “The demand for our product is high, and we’re at the mercy of our suppliers. That’s why we like buying from United Titanium—they make things easy.”

United Titanium is proud to provide Nichols Damascus with the zirconium they need when they need it.

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