Nitronic alloys provide outstanding corrosion resistance. When compared to 300 series stainless steel, these alloys outperform by delivering nearly double the yield strength. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, nitronic materials are often used in elevated applications up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as sub-zero applications. These alloys coldwork rapidly, offering high strength right when it’s needed. 

Nitronic alloys are used to create a wide range of components including fasteners, valves and fittings. While other metals corrode in saltwater, nitronic alloys stay resilient, making them ideal for marine applications and hardware.  Theses material are also popular in petroleum and chemical processing, pulp and paper and nuclear energy industries.

At United Titanium, we carry two common alloys: nitronic 50 and nitronic 60. Nitronic 50 is a corrosion-resistant metal with low magnetic permeability. Generally considered an all-purpose metal, nitronic 60 is oxidation resistant and tolerates extreme wear and galling.

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Material Specifications

ASTM A479 S20910 Nitronic 50
ASTM A470 S21800 Nitronic 60