Medical & Dental Grade Metal

At United Titanium, we have the experience and expertise to manufacture a variety of fasteners and fittings for the medical and dental industry. Whether it’s a screw, pin or bone plate, we maintain a responsibility to our customers—and ultimately their patients—to supply the best product possible.

As a biocompatible metal, titanium remains the material of choice among the healthcare community. From hip sockets to pacemakers, its corrosion-resistance and light weight provides long-lasting strength to medical devices.

Using only premium materials, we produce customized parts to meet our customers’ exact product specifications using a process that’s easily replicable for large order quantities.
As an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, we uphold strict quality and safety regulations. All of our medical and dental parts adhere to the Quality System Regulation Code Part 820 established by the Food and Drug Administration.

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