Specialty Stainless Steel

One of the most widely used metals, specialty stainless steel delivers corrosion resistance with powerful strength. Stainless steel is commonly produced by adding 12 percent chromium to pure steel, which achieves its “stainless” properties. The chromium protects the steel from corrosion and rust by forming a thin, protective layer on the outside surface called a “passive film.”

In everyday applications, stainless steel protects against corrosion when it’s exposed to harmful atmospheric conditions such as carbon dioxide, moisture, electrical fields, sulfur, salt and chloride components, as well as natural and artificial chemicals. This material also withstands extreme weather, where cold temperatures cause brittleness and hot temperatures reduce strength and increase corrosion. While it offers comparable corrosion protection, stainless steel is not nearly as lightweight as other specialty metals, like titanium or zirconium.

Stainless steel applications vary widely depending upon the type and grade. While austenitic stainless steel is used in everyday appliances, like kitchen sinks and ovens, duplex stainless steel is commonly used for harsher applications, such as off-shore oil and gas drilling, chemical processing and marine engineering.

At United Titanium, we carry a variety of stainless steel types and grades including: Alloy 255, Alloy 2205, Alloy 2507 and Alloy AL-6XN. Contact us to learn more.