Specialty Stainless Steel

The most common way to produce Stainless steel is to use Chromium in the process. When 12% Chromium is added to steel, the result is Stainless Steel. It is this Chromium component that makes the steel “stainless.” The Chromium protects the steel from most corrosions and red-colored rust. This is because a thin layer of protection on the outside surface is formed, called a “passive film.”

Stainless Steel provides corrosion resistance against atmospheric conditions such as: carbon dioxide, moisture, electrical fields, sulfur, salt and chloride components; natural and artificially produced chemicals; and extremes of weather where cold temperatures cause brittleness and hot temperatures reduce strength and increase corrosion.

Stainless Steel, like most other metals available at United Titanium, is corrosion resistant. But, it is not nearly as lightweight as some of the other special metals, like Titanium or Zirconium.

Any of the following types and grades of Stainless Steel are available for order at United Titanium:

  • Alloy 255
  • Alloy 2205
  • Alloy 2507
  • Alloy AL-6XN