Tantalum is a material with attractive high-temperature mechanical properties, high density, high strength, good toughness, strong stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance in many acids.

Tantalum is available as pure or as an alloy. The three most common tantalum alloys are 90Ta-10W, 97.5Ta-2.5W tantalum, and 60Ta-40Cb.

90-10 contains 10% tungsten. This is the most common alloy of all. This alloy’s high melting-point combined with its favorable mechanical properties makes it a nice selection for difficult corrosive environments.



Material Specifications

ASTM B365  Unalloyed Tantalum (R05200 and R05400)
ASTM B365  97.5Ta-2.5W (R05252)
ASTM B365 90Ta-10W (R05255)
ASTM B365 60Ta-40W (R05240)