Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys

Available pure or as an alloy, tantalum contains high-temperature mechanical properties. With a high-density composition, these materials provide extreme strength and toughness, as well as strong stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance against acids.

The most common tantalum alloy is 90Ta-10W, which contains 10 percent tungsten. With its exceptionally high melting point and favorable mechanical properties, this alloy performs well in harsh chemical environments.

Often used as a thin protective coating for other materials, tantalum is commonly found in the electronics and semiconductor industry to produce numerous consumer devices, such as mobile phones and flat panel displays. Its physical properties also make it ideal for use in the aerospace industry for engine turbine blades and nose caps on aircrafts.

At United Titanium, we work with pure tantalum and its three most common alloys: 90Ta-10W, 97.5Ta-2.5W, and 60Ta-40Cb. Contact us for more information on tantalum or other specialty metals. We’ll help you determine the best material for your application.



Material Specifications

ASTM B365  Unalloyed Tantalum (R05200 and R05400)
ASTM B365  97.5Ta-2.5W (R05252)
ASTM B365 90Ta-10W (R05255)
ASTM B365 60Ta-40W (R05240)