Zirconium for Spinning Top Manufacturer

When you have the passion for something and the skills to make it great, you typically get an awesome result. That’s what happened when Kyle Bober, the owner of Wicked Pocket Tops, started hand-machining metal tops.

“I made my first top and posted it in a forum filled with enthusiasts and hobbyists,” Bober said. “People were amazed at how well they spun. I knew I had something special right then and there.”

After that he started experimenting with different metals and designs for his custom tops—all of which are made by hand on a manual lathe.

“I wanted to experiment with exotic specialty metals to make a more valuable product,” Bober explained. “Zirconium has a nice black finish and is about the same density as stainless steel, so I knew it’d be a great fit for my product.”

After a few days of searching for zirconium online, he couldn’t find a reliable supplier with an affordable price. That is—until he found United Titanium.

“Steve McLain got back to me quickly after I filled out a form,” Bober said. “I was blown away by their price and speedy delivery.”

Today, Wicked Pocket Tops frequently purchases zirconium bar for several of their bestselling tops.

“Zirconium blends well with silver, nickel and brass and it has an awesome black finish that my customers love,” Bober continued. “Xerxes—my most popular top—is made from zirconium, so I owe a lot to that material and United Titanium.”

He also noted that zirconium is typically used for art rather than industrial purposes, so it isn’t stocked in the same volume as other specialty metal materials like titanium.

As America’s premier zirconium supplier, United Titanium works with Wicked Pocket Tops to make sure Bober has what he needs.

“I can’t say enough about their professionalism, customer service, product quality and price,” Bober said. “They almost always have zirconium bar available, and that helps me out immensely.”

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