For Subsea Oil & Gas Equipment, ‘Failure Is Not an Option’

For Subsea Oil & Gas Equipment, ‘Failure Is Not an Option’

Miles from the coast, a platform stands fixed to the ocean floor, drilling for oil and natural gas far beneath the surface. While the subsea oil & gas rig itself is impressive, what’s more remarkable is the extensive electrical equipment operating nearly 20,000 feet below the sea, withstanding freezing temperatures and water pressure up to 15,000 psi.

Teledyne Oil & Gas is a global provider of solutions for subsea power and data transmission. “From powering deep-water subsea pumps to remotely operated underwater vehicles, we engineer interconnect solutions for systems where failure is not an option,” Teledyne explains in a Subsea Oil Field Fly-Through video.

Since underwater equipment is less accessible for maintenance, the need for durable materials is paramount. That’s why for more than 15 years, Teledyne has turned to United Titanium for its specialty metal fastener needs.

Strong materials for harsh environments

Because of its corrosion-resistance, Titanium is an ideal choice for subsea oil & gas applications. Kendra Meeks, a buyer for Teledyne, said United Titanium’s materials consistently pass Teledyne’s rigorous quality testing.

“We do positive material identification of every metal part that comes in,” she said. “We’ve never had any issues with mixed material, and we are certainly checking on that.”

Superior customer service

Beyond United Titanium’s premium specialty metal materials, Meeks described their on-time delivery as exceptional.

“Due to the nature of the products that we buy and the industry we’re in, something can become extremely critical almost overnight,” she said. “They have always been willing to work with us. We have stocking agreements with them, and they always have a supply ready for us that I can pull from. We have very good communication with them. They’re very prompt to answer emails if I ever have a question.”

Meeks recalled one instance where a product needed to be anodized, and United Titanium quickly responded. “They went above and beyond,” she said. “We got the part back same-day. It was phenomenal customer service.”

As a buyer, Meeks said she appreciates United Titanium’s willingness to work within her budget.

“We’ve had a bit of a challenging year with the oil and gas market,” she said. “They’ve always been willing to reach some mutually beneficial agreement, which has been helpful. It really speaks volumes to how much a company is willing to work with you, so that you can all benefit in the long run by establishing that good business relationship.”

Meeks said for these reasons and more, United Titanium stands out among vendors.

“From my experience, they’re definitely leading the way in everything they’re doing. Even other distributors are reaching out to them.”

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