Titanium and Zirconium Are Always Available for Louisiana Fabricator

Large scale fabricators understand the need for bulk raw materials. Without them, the job simply cannot get done.

Louisiana-based Cembell Industries, Inc. builds heat exchangers as well as pressure vessels and towers for customers across the country. And they rely on United Titanium to get them the mill products, fasteners, fittings and other titanium parts they need.

Jonathan Kramer, a Cembell project director, and Mark Sidora, a Cembell buyer, have worked with United Titanium for about four years.

“After some online research, we decided to go with United Titanium,” Kramer said.

“And it turned out to be a great choice.” Sidora added.

Today, Cembell relies on United Titanium for titanium and zirconium bar, plate, pipe and fittings.

“The materials we need aren’t easy to find,” Kramer said. “They always have titanium and zirconium and can get it to us as often as we need it.”

Both Kramer and Sidora both noted the exceptional service they receive.

“We’ve never had any problems with them,” Kramer said. “Even when we need the materials expedited, they always come through.”

Cembell’s customers need their heat exchangers to stand up to the toughest environments and workloads. That’s why they use titanium and zirconium materials in many of their fabrications.

“Our buyers expect the best from us,” Sidora explained. “It’s our job to make sure the products we build are up to their standards—that’s why there’s no option other than United Titanium.”

United Titanium’s material availability and quick turnaround helps Kramer and Sidora accomplish their goals and ensure their customers receive the high-quality product they expect.

“Simply put – they’re the best,” Kramer said. “Our business wouldn’t be what it is today without United Titanium.”

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