Zirconium – Making a Splash in the Jewelry Industry

Zirconium – Making a Splash in the Jewelry Industry

A recent trend in the jewelry industry has led to a rise in popularity of a metal not typically thought of in the same category as white gold, yellow or silver—zirconium.

Zirconium’s smoky hue makes it the perfect metal for those looking for non-traditional, edgy jewelry.

At the forefront of the zirconium jewelry movement is Lashbrook Designs, a men’s ring manufacturer in Utah that specializes in alternative metals. Their most popular rings are made of zirconium and designed to look like anything from tires to baseball seams.

Penny Laker, Lashbrook Designs’ purchasing manager, said the company has purchased zirconium bar from United Titanium since before she joined Lashbrook, and she’s more than happy to continue working with them.

“United Titanium is the premier zirconium bar provider in America,” said Laker.  “No one else can supply high quality zirconium in the quantity we need without charging at least double what United Titanium charges.”


She also noted how pleased she is with United Titanium’s customer service.

“They always go above and beyond to make sure we have what we need,” she said. “Occasionally there is a zirconium shortage, but United Titanium always makes us aware of the situation and offers a solution.”

Zirconium ring demand is at an all-time high, and its popularity is still on the rise. Lashbrook Designs is leading the charge in the zirconium jewelry industry, and they rely on United Titanium to supply the zirconium bar stock they need to make their products—placing large orders every two weeks.

“Their combined product quality, price, service and reliability make them a crucial partner to our success, and they deliver time and time again,” Laker said.

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