Semiconductor Supplier Depends Upon Fast, On-Time Delivery

Semiconductor Supplier Depends Upon Fast, On-Time Delivery

Within the last few years, computer technology has become sophisticated. Devices are smaller, faster and—most important—they hold more memory.

EPTAM Plastics, a high-precision plastic machining company, helps its customers in the semiconductor industry stay ahead of the curve. The company manufactures and assembles the coating units for memory chips and wafers, which are used in electronic devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

In addition to the plastic components, these units require titanium parts for assembly. John Guild, a procurement specialist at EPTAM, said for more than seven years, the company has turned to United Titanium for its specialty metal needs.

“The great match between United Titanium and EPTAM is they’re a precision machine shop for metals, and they’re great at that. We’re pretty much the same way, but we’re in the plastics end,” he said.

Guild describes United Titanium’s customer service as “top notch,” and he gave data to support it. As with all of his vendors, Guild uses a scorecard to rate on-time delivery and quality. United Titanium has scored 100 percent in both categories.

“Even on the regular parts that I buy—I buy hundreds of parts from them sometimes in a month—I don’t have to worry about it coming in on time [or] me chasing it,” he said. “They’ll ship either on time or sooner than we requested. If we ask for a part on a specific date, they’ll hit that date every time.”

Guild said United Titanium goes above and beyond to serve its customers the titanium and specialty metal parts they need. He recalled one instance that stands out.

“We had a job that was about a week away from shipping,” he said. “[During] manufacturing, we ended up breaking one of the parts that United Titanium provided for us. So now of course, we can’t ship this unit—and we’re talking about a $100,000 unit here. It was really crucial for our company to make sure that this happened.

I gave [United Titanium] a call. They machined the part. We were able to ship our product on time. [They] really helped us get out of an emergency that we were going through here … they were there for us.”

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