Quality Parts, Dependable Service Distinguishes United Titanium

Quality Parts, Dependable Service Distinguishes United Titanium

The technology industry is advancing at a rapid pace. As companies strive to keep up with the growing demand for computers, tablets and smartphones, they need reliable, durable tools to machine them.

Chemcut designs and manufactures the wet processing equipment used within the electronics and semiconductor industry to create printed circuit boards, flat panel displays and computer chips. To ensure the durability and safety of their equipment, for more than 50 years, the company has turned to United Titanium for its exotic specialty metal parts.

Ralph Fitzgerald, a purchasing agent at Chemcut, said United Titanium carries the exotic metals needed to withstand the harsh chemicals used in spray etching and chemical milling, including titanium and alloy c-276.

Beyond its inventory, the company has extensive experience within the industry. Fitzgerald said United Titanium’s engineers will often suggest ways that a part may be improved or produced at a lower cost.

“They’re very, very knowledgeable,” he said. “If [the team member] I’m talking to doesn’t know, they’ll go to their engineering group and get answers for me to help us design different parts. Their customer service is always very helpful.”

United Titanium manufactures the pump shafts, cooling coils and fasteners used within many of Chemcut’s wet processing equipment. Fitzgerald said it’s the company’s dependable parts and service that keeps him returning for additional orders.  

“I’m going to get repeat quality all the time,” he said. “We need that consistency, so we keep going back to them. You could buy cheaper components someplace, but I know I’m going to get the quality when I go to United Titanium.”

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