About United Titanium

United Titanium, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of specialty alloy fasteners, precision components, fittings and mill products.  Located in our 135,000 square foot facility in Wooster, Ohio, USA, our dedicated staff of engineers, manufacturing and sales professionals work closely with our customers as a trusted partner to provide innovative solutions and services.  Our customers demand the best and we deliver.

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Industries Served

As a leading manufacturer and international supplier of specialty alloy products, United Titanium, Inc. assists in providing innovative solutions and services to the following industries:

  •  Defense
  •  Medical and Dental
  •  Petroleum and Chemical Processing
  •  Power Generation
  •  Pollution Control
  •  Marine Engineering
  •  Aerospace and Communication
  •  Pulp and Paper
  •  Electronics and Semiconductor


Don't let our name fool you.  We're not just Titanium.  Most of our products are available in the following Specialty Alloys. Click on the links below to learn more.


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